lit lab1

i have now lit all the rooms and i am pleased with most of the results. some of the lighting was fairly simple so it didnt take up too much time. above is a few screenshots of the lab room i have made i will not put all the rooms on agian because there is simply too many images.

Soldier rigged

Untitled from daniel tilley on Vimeo.

I have added the bag i made and put a camo texture on the sodier and then i rigged it for animating. The rigging took about a day to complete but it was the skinning that was a bit of a pain. I had to change all the skin weights because they didnt work properly and would distort in the wrong places. I managed to get a satisfactory result and did a test animation (above).

Back pack

Above is the back pack i made for the soldier which holds a bottle of air to help them breathe and not get infected. I got the idea from a flamethrower (pic below) and just changed it slightly to suit my needs.

Pod room

I have spent the last week working on the pod room design and making it. the textures are not final i still need to texture the walls properly and add a little more detail. This is the room you enter from lab 1 and is the last of the rooms i will be making. i am going to spend the rest of my time tweaking things and making them loook and work better.


I have been working on the pods for the pod room. they are like giant test tubes but with people inside them. I have Started texturing them because it was hard to see if it worked when they were just grey. I am pleased with how it is going.

lab 1

This is the next room you enter. it is a kind of lab/torture room with beds that have straps on and chains on pipes where people would be chained to. I have managed to put a bit more detail in this than the others but i still think theres something missing so i will be coming back to this one.


You then go through this tunnel to get to the labs. I made it to be very simple, i will be placing earthy textures on the wall to give it the feeling of being underground. I wanted to have a tunnel like this at the beggining because it makes you feel like you are leaving one place and entering a new one and also beacause you feel like you are underground.