Soldier rigged

Untitled from daniel tilley on Vimeo.

I have added the bag i made and put a camo texture on the sodier and then i rigged it for animating. The rigging took about a day to complete but it was the skinning that was a bit of a pain. I had to change all the skin weights because they didnt work properly and would distort in the wrong places. I managed to get a satisfactory result and did a test animation (above).

Back pack

Above is the back pack i made for the soldier which holds a bottle of air to help them breathe and not get infected. I got the idea from a flamethrower (pic below) and just changed it slightly to suit my needs.

Pod room

I have spent the last week working on the pod room design and making it. the textures are not final i still need to texture the walls properly and add a little more detail. This is the room you enter from lab 1 and is the last of the rooms i will be making. i am going to spend the rest of my time tweaking things and making them loook and work better.


I have been working on the pods for the pod room. they are like giant test tubes but with people inside them. I have Started texturing them because it was hard to see if it worked when they were just grey. I am pleased with how it is going.

lab 1

This is the next room you enter. it is a kind of lab/torture room with beds that have straps on and chains on pipes where people would be chained to. I have managed to put a bit more detail in this than the others but i still think theres something missing so i will be coming back to this one.


You then go through this tunnel to get to the labs. I made it to be very simple, i will be placing earthy textures on the wall to give it the feeling of being underground. I wanted to have a tunnel like this at the beggining because it makes you feel like you are leaving one place and entering a new one and also beacause you feel like you are underground.

Locker room

This is the next room you enter from the cctv room. I have modelled the main shapes of it but i still want to add some more details like coats/ shoes/towels. I based it on a normal locker/changing room with the benches and metal lockers.

CCTV room

This is the first room you go into when you go down the stairs in the church. I have modelled it but not textured it as i have decided to leave all the texturing to the end in case i run out of time.

gears of war environment concept

Otto Dix

Stormtroops advancing under a gas attack] 1924 etching,

The artwork of a man called Otto Dix caught my eye and was sort of an inspiration for some of my ideas. Otto Dix (1891-1969), was a German Expressionist who had fought and survived the war, he was famous for his unique and grotesque style. The paintings I focused on were mainly about war and are somewhat creepy. Not the sort of thing you would want to hang on your bedroom wall but perfect reference material for my project.


I have been watching films for inspiration and i found hostel useful for my designs. it has dungeons and torture chambers like my game.

Another film i found helpful was the saw films it also has the torture chamber look that i am going for.

Dead Rising, Frank West

I found this guy quite useful as it is similar to my main character minus the camera. This is frank west from the game Dead Rising, it is also a zombie game except he is not a zombie and mine is.

gears of war concept art

This is from Epic games, Gears of war. I liked the style of their characters they match the roughness and story of the game. I would like to do something like this but i have sumplified my designs as i am still a beginner and not capable of making this in Maya yet.