Untitled from daniel tilley on Vimeo.

i have now made the body and a machine gun. i have put some colour onto them to get an idea of how it will look but it is not the final texures.

head rotation from daniel tilley on Vimeo.

I have found this head more time consuming and very difficult to do. i still have to distort the face to look like a zombie and i am also having problems with american cop style hair i cant get it to look right. i am leaving it in this state for now whilst i complete the soldier body.

soldier head

masked head from daniel tilley on Vimeo.

This is the head of the soldier i am making. This hasnt as much of a problem as i was expecting but i havent had to do a detailed face like i will have to on the zombie. I am glad i did this one first as i feel more confident aproaching the more comlicated face.

Character modelling

I have decided to move onto the characters now as i have spent too much time on the church and i feel i will benifit from leaving it alone for a bit. Using my sketches i made before, i have made detailed drawings of the characters i am going to make. the first thing i am gong to tackle is the head as i find this the most challenging part.
i have spent today making a background that would fit into my set. using pictures of houses, trees and a red sky i have put together what you see in the picture below. as you may be able to see i have been working on a few textures for the grass and path and i have also added the gates to the church yard.